Spirit of Giving

Spirit of Giving

In the Spirit of Giving, Aging Mind Foundation has created a way to make a donation to Alzheimer’s research in honor of a person or company.

The process is simple. Complete the form by pressing the button below. You may order as many or as few insert cards as you would like. Make a donation to Aging Mind Foundation in the amount of your choosing.

Once your donation is processed, AMF will send you the number of insert cards you’ve requested via mail. You can then put the insert cards in your holiday cards, company gifts, gifts to family and friends or however you choose to use them.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us: amf@agingmindfoundation.org


The back of the card reads: In the spirit of giving, a donation has been made to the Aging Mind Foundation in your honor. We hope that this gift will not only advance the future of brain research, but also bring warmth to your heart.

The Aging Mind Foundation was founded in 2013 to address and support critical issues unique to the aging mind. At the heart of the organization, Aging Mind Foundation raises funds in order to make a substantial impact and move the needle in dementia and Alzheimer’s research. AMF raises money for only one grant beneficiary each year so that beneficiary will receive one substantial grant versus giving smaller grants to several beneficiaries.

It is the goal of the Aging Mind Foundation to be good stewards of the generous donations received. To achieve this goal, AMF strives to limit our fundraising costs to 20% or less, which is above and beyond the gold standard as deemed by Charity Navigator.